Winning Physically and, Winning Mentally.

A little about me; my name is Phong Nguyen. I am an Asian male living my dream. My aspirations are to become a personal coach, well-rounded athlete, and to help others achieve their goals. I have been into fitness/bodybuilding for over 10 years. I’ve been training to increase my athleticism, develop my mentality, and to learn the many ways of training. Find out more about me below or what I can help you with!

 My Life Coaching


On June 16, I competed in my first national bodybuilding competition in the classic physique division! It was one heck of an experience! I learned so much about the national scene and how the events are organized compared to local competitions. I met so many amazing athletes and got tons of exposure to the industry. I’ve always known that I was barely scratching the surface in the bodybuilding industry, but this experience really opened my eyes!

Below are the stage pictures I got from

This was definitely a better package than the one I brought to the Upper Midwest in March! I weighed in at 159lbs here, which is 1 pound away from what I weighed in at the UpperMidwest.

Top 5

Here are the top 5 Winners in my class! I competed in the shortest class, Classic Physique A. I took 2nd place out of 18 total competitors. This was the biggest class I have ever been apart of and it was STACKED! The winner is in the middle, Aqeel, who looked amazing and deserved the win!

All in all, it was a great experience for my first national show. I definitely let myself pig out after the show. I gained about 20lbs in a week due to the rebound but the food was worth it haha.

After I saw the scorecard results, I only lost by 2 points, so I’ve decided to make one more push for my pro card! I will be doing the NPC USA Championships on July 27-29th in Vegas. What better place to turn pro than in Vegas?

Follow me on Instagram @kingphongfitness for updates as we get ready to bring an even better package! Thank you for taking the time to read this. I will definitely be updating this after the show when I have more energy in me. I truly appreciate all of your support!

Looking for something?

Hello! Below you’ll find what I can offer you to assist you in your goals.

Bodybuilding Posing Coach  – Teaches the fundamental poses of bodybuilding (on stage). Develop a sense for the art of posing.

Training Plans – Designed specifically for your goals whether that is bodybuilding, MMA, powerlifting, etc…

Nutrition – Assistance with IIFYMs, knowledge of food groups, and how to adjust to diets.

Online Coaching – Programs designed specifically for you, weekly check-ins, and affordable.

Personal Training (Only available for those located in Twin Cities Area) – In-Person training sessions, and much more.

Other Injuries – Sponsorship, questions, collaborations, etc…

More to come!

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