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My name is Phong Nguyen (obviously). I created this website for the purpose of spreading the fitness lifestyle and hoping to help others in their endeavors as they dive deeper into the health/fitness lifestyle.

Let’s start with a little back story about me, I came to the United States of America back in 2000, and I am an immigrant from Vietnam. My family and I moved here for opportunities to prosper as we adapted the American lifestyle.

As for how long I’ve been into health/fitness, I started at the age of 14 (when I entered high school). I joined the wrestling team within the first two months after talking to a few of the wrestling team members. They convinced me to join, and it was a choice; I’ve never looked back on. I joined for many reasons, but there are two reasons that stand out whenever I am reminded of why I joined.

The first reason is I wanted to be bigger (who doesn’t?). I weighed in at 94lbs during my very first practice. I was the smallest person in the room, as I’ve always been. I decided at the time, I wanted to give everything I had to grow so that I wouldn’t be the smallest person in the room. Few months later of practice and conditioning, I weighed in at 112lbs, which BLEW my mind. At this point, I was already hooked on working out, wrestling, and welcoming the health/fitness lifestyle.

The second reason is because I was used to be bullied due to my small size and inability to speak fluent English. Growing up as an immigrant is a challenge I face everyday. When I joined wrestling, I felt that I belonged to a team that was accepting of me regardless of where I came from and my shape. This helped me come to the realization that if I wanted to better my life, I would need to change how I thought of things. Life is perceived by the mind, thoughts, and experiences. The quality of an individual’s life is defined by that individual’s view of the outside world. Wrestling has had a huge impact on my life as I am growing into the person I am today.

Now, that’s just how I got into health/fitness, you’re probably wondering how did I go from a wrestler to a bodybuilder. During my wrestling career, there was another member who was a bodybuilder at the time. I looked up to him and got advice from him on how I could get started. His name is Pheng Her. He took me in (like a student), and taught me numerous workouts, and how to “feel” a muscle. Bodybuilding is about growing a muscle and so there must be a connection with the mind and the muscle in order for it to grow. Pheng taught how to “feel” my muscles with different exercises and various training methods. I went on years later,  still using what Pheng has taught me and developed my own style of training.  Now, I would like to share my knowledge with whoever is willing to learn and apply the concepts I’ve experimented with for over the past 8 years.

I’d like to thank you for taking your time to read this section about me. I truly appreciate your time and support.

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Phong Nguyen