Here lies my experiences and achievements.

Let us start from the beginning. I wrestled in my 9th, 10th, and 11th grade of high school.

I started at 94lbs (picture on left), and I ended the season weighing in at 114lbs (picture on the right). Unfortunately I cannot find any pictures of my 2nd and 3rd year wrestling. I would go on to wrestle at 125lbs (2nd year) and 140lbs (3rd year). During my 2nd and 3rd year, I was awarded All-Conference wrestler, and placed 5th at regional.

I did not wrestle my 4th year, because I made the transition into bodybuilding. I prepped for my first bodybuilding show in October, 2010. The Northstar. I did not have much knowledge on how to prep or how to workout at this time. This was a 12 week prep.

I weighed in at 116lbs (lightest person at the show). I placed 3rd out of 4. This served as motivation for me for the years to come.

During my high school summers (2009-2011), I spent much of my time at summer wrestling camp, and practicing MMA with friends.

In 2012, my senior year of high school, I prepped for another show: The Gopher State Classic 2012. This time, I started at 145lbs (bulking from the summer). This was a 12 week prep.

I weighed in at 128lbs (only 12lbs heavier than my first show but the mass I put on was very noticeable). I placed in 1st out of 4 in the teens division, and 1st out of 2 in the bantamweight division. I spent much of my time researching what type of body I had. I also experimented with different workout methods, meal plans to efficiently lose weight while maintaining muscle mass.

When I entered college, I had lost motivation for working out and just wanted to party, and mess around. I gained an excess amount of weight, and weighed up to 220lbs. This was the worst I had ever look and felt in my entire life. I knew I had to change my lifestyle for the better.

In 2014, I prepped for the Gopher State Classic 2014. My starting weight was 220lbs. At roughly 8 weeks, I got in touch with the guy who helped me start it all (Pheng Her) and he referred to Aaron Kanner (who is currently my bodybuilding coach). Aaron helped me from 8 weeks out til show time. This was a 12 week prep.

I weighed in at 170lbs (~50 pounds heavier than my second show), I had a very long off-season since the second show. I placed 1st out of 3 in the teenage division, and 1st out of 4 in the middleweights division. I looked very blown up in the pictures, but that was due to the water retention.

The following year I took 1st in middleweights at the Gopher State Classic, I decided to step on stage again but at the Minnesota State Classic 2015. This time I had a coach (Aaron Kanner) and I joined Los Campeones. This would be a 16 week prep, starting weight was at 189lbs.

I weighed in at 160lbs (10lbs less than my previous show, but overall much leaner). I placed 1st in the middleweights division out of 4 and 2nd in the overalls. I was much happier here with my prep and my package.

I’ve yet to step back on stage since 2015 due to personal reasons (finishing school, having fun, living life, etc..).

Bodybuilding is not all that I do, I decided to give powerlifting a try. Under the programs written by Bob Durant, I prepped for 12 weeks to compete in the USPA Bar Benders Powerlifting meet. I did not cut any weight for this meet. This was to break the National Record for Juniors (20-23) at 82kg/181lbs. The record is 185kg/407lbs. I spent majority of the prep working on my form and mobility.

My numbers from my first powerlifting meet!

Bench: 185kg/407lbs – 192.5kg/424lbs – 200kg/440lbs.



Squat: 205kg/451lbs – 217.5kg/479lbs – 232.5kg/512lbs (missed due to depth).



Deadlift: 205kg/451lbs – 217.5kg/479lbs – 230kg/507lbs (missed cause I humped it).



Total: 635kg/1399.9lbs. Seriously 0.1lbs from a 1400 total. Weighed in at 179lbs.

At the end of the day, it was a very fun meet and I broke the national as well as the world record. The world record did not count because there needed to be 2 international judges at the meet (unfortunately only one was at my meet).

My next goal is to get my Bodybuiding IFBB PRO card! I will be spending the rest of the year and next year for this! Follow me on my journey!



2010 All-Conference Wrestler

2010 Northstar (Bodybuilding) – 3rd place in Teens

2011 All-Conference Wrestler

2012 Gopher State Classic (Bodybuilding) – 1st in Teens & 1st in Bantamweight

2014 Gopher State Classic (Bodybuilding) – 1st in Teens & 1st in Middleweights

2015 Minnesota State Classic (Bodybuilding) – 1st in Middleweights & 2nd in Overalls

2017 USPA Bar Benders (Powerlifting) – Best Bench (200kg/440lbs) (Also only person in 81kg RAW)