In my experience, it is impossible to out train a bad diet. Trust me, I’ve tried, through fast foods, eating complex carbs before slumber, bacon, excess amounts of junk food, etc… It is impossible to out train a bad diet.

What goes inside your body is what your body will eventually look like. (Not literally but figuratively). So, what I’m saying is that your nutrition is extremely important to your health. You can spend hours in the gym, but if your lacking the correct nutrients or lacking the knowledge to feed your body, then all of that training will be for naught.

You will still see progress without a good diet, but you’re only putting in 50% of the effort. How do you get the other 50%? Nutrition/diet.

Nutrition is a very general term, but it wraps around foods, diets, and nutrients.

To make it simple, anything that you consume breaks down into 3 components, and they break down into many sub-components, but I will only give the overview on the 3 main components’ purpose for muscle building.

Number One – Protein: The essential building blocks of muscle.


Number Two – Carbohydrates (Simple/Complex) – Fuel for recovery.


Number Three – Fatty Acids (fats) –  Back-up source for fuel, recovery, and cell growth.


Each one of the components are also considered a macro-nutrient, which means your body functions by consuming large amounts of each macro-nutrient. Here is where it gets juicy, by keeping track of each macro-nutrient’s quantity, you can achieve your physique goals. This is also known as “Counting Macros.”

How much Protein/Carbohydrates/Fatty Acids should I consume per day? 

The answer to this question varies from individual to individual, because our bodies’ are not the same. It is a series of trial and error for any individual before they find a formula that works with their body.

What I offer is:

  • Flexible Dieting – Bulk/Shred/Maintain – Calculated Macros per day (Weekly format)  for your goal of bulk/shred/maintain. This means you can eat as you please, as long as they fit within the macros for the day.
  • 24/7 Availability to answer your questions about each plan.
  • I will be documenting changes you notice which includes but not limited to: weight, mood, rest, training, etc..

The duration of the plan is dependent on you, if you want a 4 week plan, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, xxx weeks, please let me know.

Free tip:

The best way to start up is to do some self-research about nutrition and then apply some of the knowledge for a few weeks to get the feel of how a diet can change your mood, and physique.