Hello! You’ve made it to my posing services. Here is a brief overview of what I offer for posing services. I specialize in bodybuilding poses (quarter turns, and mandatory poses), and in classic poses (IE: Golden era bodybuilding poses).

I believe that posing is an Art. Art is also subjective. Your body is the canvas, the iron are your sculpting tools, and your movements are your strokes.

I’ve been posing since 2008, many of my poses are on instagram (and below). What I want to do as a posing coach is to not only teach you the mandatory poses, I want to you help you develop a sense for the art of posing. By that, I mean to teach you how to work with your canvas, and in essence you will become aware of your movements in each pose.

If you are interested in me as a posing coach, please spend me a message below and we can work on pricing and finding a way to meet (via in person, or skype, or your preferred method).

Review(s) from my clients:

If you are serious about performance!
If you are serious about results!
If excellence is what you seek!
Phong is your man!  He took me from the worst poser in the world to a judge favorite at my last competition in 5 weeks.

He has great demeanor and a comfortable approach towards helping you improve. He will get you to what ever level you inspire.  If you are willing to follow he will lead and together you will achieve!!!! Call him today!

-Delaney Berger


From my practices (All & more can be found on my instagram):