On June 16, I competed in my first national bodybuilding competition in the classic physique division! It was one heck of an experience! I learned so much about the national scene and how the events are organized compared to local competitions. I met so many amazing athletes and got tons of exposure to the industry. I’ve always known that I was barely scratching the surface in the bodybuilding industry, but this experience really opened my eyes!

Below are the stage pictures I got from npcnewsonline.com

This was definitely a better package than the one I brought to the Upper Midwest in March! I weighed in at 159lbs here, which is 1 pound away from what I weighed in at the UpperMidwest.

Top 5

Here are the top 5 Winners in my class! I competed in the shortest class, Classic Physique A. I took 2nd place out of 18 total competitors. This was the biggest class I have ever been apart of and it was STACKED! The winner is in the middle, Aqeel, who looked amazing and deserved the win!

All in all, it was a great experience for my first national show. I definitely let myself pig out after the show. I gained about 20lbs in a week due to the rebound but the food was worth it haha.

After I saw the scorecard results, I only lost by 2 points, so I’ve decided to make one more push for my pro card! I will be doing the NPC USA Championships on July 27-29th in Vegas. What better place to turn pro than in Vegas?

Follow me on Instagram @kingphongfitness for updates as we get ready to bring an even better package! Thank you for taking the time to read this. I will definitely be updating this after the show when I have more energy in me. I truly appreciate all of your support!