#4WeekCut – Outline

I haven’t done a cut in over two years now, since my last bodybuilding competition. After vacation, people tend to get off-track and have a hard time getting back on track.

I am starting this cut at 176lbs and at 5’4 (not like this will go up). I am not sure of how much weight I will be dropping but I have a set plan to follow for 4 weeks. I will post weekly pictures in the same pose, and a more relaxed pose. The cardio routine, I will be following will stay the same each week. You can find it below. My training split will change, but overall more intensity in each workout. My diet will be documented per week.

Cardio Routine: 

3x per week of HIIT cardio – Bike/Stairsmaster/Treadmill/Sprints/Sled Push/ Etc..

1x per week of 30 minute steady state cardio (Most likely inclined treadmill walk)

Training Split:

Chest – Back – Legs – Shoulders – Arms – Rest – Active Rest Day (Subject to change)

Diet Protocols: 

1x No Carb day per week.

1+ gallon of water per day


Protein: 200-250g

Carbs: Varies

Fats: 60-80g

Follow me on Instagram for more workout videos, pictures and progress!!

I challenge you to go on a mini-cut with me! If you need assistance figuring out your macros or training split, send me a message!

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