#4WeekCut – Week 1

The first week is over! I definitely had a difficult time prepping my meals and making sure I eat everything in a timely manner. Once I got into a good routine half way through the week, it became easier to finish my meals. There are a couple things I noticed physically and mentally within the few days of cutting.

Physical Changes: The pumps have been insane! I’ve recently been seasoning my food with Himalayan salt to assist with water/blood flow into my muscles during a workout, this causes the muscle to swell up AKA the pump. One other thing I’ve noticed is that my appetite and hunger levels are much higher than before. This is due to the calorie deficit and the increased quantity of water compared to when I was on vacation and prior to that. I have noticed more muscle definition in a few areas of my body, such as my legs, arms, and shoulders. As for my weight, I am still sitting at 176lbs, which means nothing has been lost or gained.

Mental Changes: I feel like it is easier now to avoid distractions and focus on my goals. I believe the focus is from being able to stay on my routine and this helps me tunnel vision my actions. It definitely feels like my mind is more active, as in I am able to make decisions quicker, and follow through with my words. Overall it feels like I am committing myself to more.


Week 1 Training Split: 


TuesdayChest – 15 Minutes HIIT

WednesdayBack – 15 minutes HIIT

ThursdayArms – 30 minutes SS



SundayBack – 15 minutes HIIT


Diet Protocols: 

1x No Carb day per week.

1+ gallon of water per day.


Protein: 200-250g

Carbs: 0-300g

Fats: 60-80g


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I challenge you to go on a mini-cut with me! If you need assistance figuring out your macros or training split, send me a message!

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