We came, We saw, We conquered

Bodybuilding prep for the NPC Uppermidwest is over! It was an amazing experience and felt really good to be back after 3 years of missing action. Below are photos of my weekly progress all the way from 15 weeks out and after the competition!   My main concern the whole prep was whether I would […]

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#4WeekCut – Week 2

Week 2 is done! Getting in my meals have gotten better, mainly due to my schedule being wrapped around my meals. I try to eat about every 2.5 hours. Sometimes it doesn’t happen but I still try to get my meal in Physical Changes: None really, body weight is still 176lbs. Mental Changes: Better focus. Week […]

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#4WeekCut – Week 3

The third week is over! Slowly getting routine of eating 5-6 meals and cardio! Training has always been good for me, so I don’t focus on it. So, when I cut I shift my focus over to cardio and my diet. I believe that a strict, well-followed diet will produce better/more results than simply training […]

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#4WeekCut – Week 1

The first week is over! I definitely had a difficult time prepping my meals and making sure I eat everything in a timely manner. Once I got into a good routine half way through the week, it became easier to finish my meals. There are a couple things I noticed physically and mentally within the […]

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#4WeekCut – Outline

I haven’t done a cut in over two years now, since my last bodybuilding competition. After vacation, people tend to get off-track and have a hard time getting back on track. I am starting this cut at 176lbs and at 5’4 (not like this will go up). I am not sure of how much weight […]

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Welcome to my site!

Hello! You’ve made it to my official website where I will be uploading majority of my content. What type of content you may wondering? Well, stick around and you’ll find out! For now, this website is currently in development and will be launching soon to a web browser near you!

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