#4WeekCut – Week 2

Week 2 is done! Getting in my meals have gotten better, mainly due to my schedule being wrapped around my meals. I try to eat about every 2.5 hours. Sometimes it doesn’t happen but I still try to get my meal in

Physical Changes: None really, body weight is still 176lbs.

Mental Changes: Better focus.

Week 1 Training Split: 


TuesdayChest – 15 Minutes HIIT

WednesdayBack – 15 minutes HIIT

ThursdayArms – 30 minutes SS



SundayBack – 15 minutes HIIT

Diet Protocols: 

1+ gallon of water per day.


Protein: 200-250g

Carbs: 150-300g

Fats: 60-80g

Follow me on Instagram for more workout videos, pictures and progress!!

I challenge you to go on a mini-cut with me! If you need assistance figuring out your macros or training split, send me a message!

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