#4WeekCut – Week 4 (Final Week)

The final week is over! 4 weeks have gone by since I started this short cut to get myself back into routine of eating healthy, training hard, and doing cardio. I have lost a total of 3 lbs and weighing at 173lbs. I lost roughly 1lb a week, which is great because I wanted to lose fat.

One thing that I want to explain is often times, you’ll hear people lose 8-10lbs on their first week, and wondering how did that happen? The answer is they lost water weight, which means their body is reducing the amount of water it holds due to sodium and other components. So, it is NOT fat loss, it’s just water. It is still encouraging to lose weight, but it is not fat that they are losing, at least not yet.


Physical Changes: Core is definitely tighter, visual fat loss almost everywhere. Down 3lbs, and strength is still fairly strong. Estimated loss of strength is about 5-10lbs on the bench, squat, and deadlift. Overall, feeling healthy, strong, and definitely focused.

Mental Changes: Excited to be done cutting and to start a lean bulk. I will go over the lean bulk outline in another post..

Week 1 Training Split: 


TuesdayChest – 15 Minutes HIIT

WednesdayBack – 15 minutes HIIT

ThursdayArms – 30 minutes SS



SundayBack – 15 minutes HIIT


Diet Protocols: 

Carbs: 150-200-200-300-200 repeat

1+ gallon of water per day.


Protein: 200-250g

Carbs: 150-300g

Fats: 60-80g

Thank you for following me on this short little cut and hope you learned something! I will now be starting a lean bulk until the coach and I decide when to start prep for the Upper Midwest Bodybuilding competition.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read my progress!

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