Lean Bulk Progress – 1 month and 20 days in

It has been 50 days (7 weeks and some change) since I started this lean bulk on September 30. I started at 173lbs. After 7 weeks of a dietary surplus, I currently weigh 182lbs. Below are pictures of me posing from each week on this lean bulk.

Week 1: +2lbs

Week 2: +1lbs

Week 3: +2lbs

Week 4: +0lbs


Week 5: +1lbs

Week 6: +0lbs

Week 7: +1lbs

Week 8: +2lbs (No pictures yet)


The added calories has been helping with the pump in all my workouts! I feel strong, healthy and surprisingly leaner than when I was at 173lbs. I definitely feel like my muscles have a “fuller” look to them. Overall, I feel great. Some weeks have been hard on my diet due to my schedule, and not getting enough food in for the day.


Weight has been slowly going up, about 1lb per week. My weight has been going back and forth between 179-182lbs depending on water intake, and food intake on certain days. This lean bulk has definitely been going the way I want it to. My strength has gone up, and my increased volume per workout has helped my muscles grow.

I have two more weeks of this lean bulk before I have to start my prep for the Upper Midwest on March 24th, 2018. I am hoping to gain another 2-4lbs! I will update this blog in two weeks after I’ve finished this lean bulk and have started my prep!

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