We came, We saw, We conquered

Bodybuilding prep for the NPC Uppermidwest is over! It was an amazing experience and felt really good to be back after 3 years of missing action. Below are photos of my weekly progress all the way from 15 weeks out and after the competition!



My main concern the whole prep was whether I would be able to make weight or not. The weight cutoff for my height (5’3) is 160lbs. When I was ~2 weeks out, I was still 5lbs over the limit, so I had to fast for 26 hours the day before weigh-ins to make it. It wasn’t the most fun thing but I weighed at 158.2lbs! That is the lowest I’ve been since the last time I competed in 2015 at 160lbs.

After winning a tough battle in my classic physique A division, I went onto the overall to go against the classic physique B winner! There was no classic physique C division. I took home first place in the middleweights class but lost to Trevor Burch (the light heavyweight winner)! I also took home the Classic Physique Overall award!!  It was my first ever overall award and it felt amazing to feel rewarded for all the work I’ve put in.

After taking a few weeks to live life, and allow myself some yummy calories. I am prepping for the NPC Jr. Nationals! I am currently 8.5 weeks out. I am updating my weekly progress photos to instagram and once it is over, I will update this website!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!



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